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via Margutta 71,
Rome - Italy
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Where we are

Following the historic locations on Via del Corso and Via Condotti at the Spanish Steps, in 2012 Serra moved the store in Via Margutta, in a three story building placed right on front of the famous “Artist’s Fountain”, very close to the Spanish Steps.

The fountain, created in 1927 by the architect Pietro Lombardi, is decorated with paintbrushes, easels, sculpting tools and two big masks with different expression, one happy and one sad, that are symbol of the different feelings of an artist’s life.

Via Margutta, a street that always lived under a veil a mystery and discretion while being in the centre of the city, is the perfect place for anyone looking for facets of the past. It’s far from being just a place of the past though, the street is more lively than ever and is home of an extraordinary amount of musicians, sculptors, actors and prestigious commercial activities.

In the building that is now occupied by Serra there once was in 1795, for example, the sculpture studio of Francesco Labourer… in this particular fragment of Rome it’s possible to experience the openness towards the world and the cosmopolitanism that up to today characterize the street.